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Reverse-engineering a simple RF protocol

Over on Twitter, check out this great thread where Kate Temkin takes us step by step through reverse-engineering an RF protocol used in controlling an everyday home object… source https://twitter.com/ea4gpz/status/1328954420558770177?s=09

M17 Protocol Project

The M17 project is an open source digital radio protocol, code, voice codec, and hardware project.  M17 is a new digital radio protocol in development as an alternative to those […]

Gnuradio monthly amateur radio meet!

Due to high demand at the recent GRCon2020, gnuradio project will be starting monthly online meets covering use of gnuradio in amateur radio applications! Meetings will be hosted in an […]


HAM RADIOnline by GHz Europe (sourced and republished from RSS feeds) Many varied topics relating to amateur radio, operating and broadcasting technology, as well as honors, talk groups and interviews […]

Pre-built Linux SDR platforms

Looking to give Linux a try for your SDR applications but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’re tired of constantly searching for dependencies when you want to try […]